Low-Vacuum Breast Cupping: A Modern Therapy for Improved Circulation and Lymphatic Drainage

Low-Vacuum Breast Cupping Massage improves circulation and lymphatic drainage. This modern therapy device provides effective and comfortable treatment to reduce abnormal congestion of breast tissue, breast congestion can increase risk of cancer.

Photo by Laker on Pexels.com

Low-vacuum breast cupping massage is a modern therapy that uses low-pressure cups to massage the tissue. Low-Vacuum breast cupping is performed from a cupping machine, a trained professional assists in placement and then leaves the room, as the treatment usually lasts 30 minutes.


Low-vacuum breast cupping massage has many benefits, including:

* Improved circulation

* Improved lymphatic drainage

* Reduced pain

* Increased relaxation

* Improved sleep

*Improves Hormones

*Improves Tone

Low-vacuum breast cupping massage is a safe and effective treatment that can help to improve your health and well-being. If you are interested in learning more about low-vacuum cupping massage, contact us at our Oak Grove location today. Call 816-625-4497 or use our contact page