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Embracing Functional Medicine: A Journey Towards Balanced Health at Health+Plus

By Dr. David B. Clark DABCI, NMD, DC  

In the dynamic sphere of healthcare, the term ‘Functional Medicine’ has been gaining prominence, signaling a transition from a disease-centric to a more individual-centric approach. This was a term I was unfamiliar with, even after my 40-plus years of practicing holistic medicine, until a recent conference populated by leading practitioners of holistic (or alternative) medicine.  

During the conference, an intriguing discussion with a colleague led her to ask if my practice embraced ‘functional medicine.’ Unacquainted with the term, my response was honest yet curious, “I don’t know whether I do or not. What is it?”   She urged me to describe my patient care approach, and upon hearing my description, she beamed at me and said, “That’s Functional Medicine!”  

This revelation was enlightening. Although the term ‘Functional Medicine’ was novel, the concept was something I had incorporated into my practice for over four decades. This underscored the evolving healthcare landscape transitioning from a symptom-suppressing model to a more holistic, preventive approach.

In stark contrast to ‘mainstream’ medicine, which primarily focuses on diagnosing diseases and suppressing symptoms, functional medicine endeavors to detect an organ or body system’s imbalance or malfunction before it morphs into a severe disease. The ethos of functional medicine hinges on the commitment to restoring the body’s normal function and arresting any potential health deterioration.  

At Health+Plus, we are staunch advocates of the functional medicine approach. We use various methods to evaluate organ function, primarily through laboratory biomarkers derived from blood and urine tests.   These tests act as an invaluable tool, enabling us to compare your results with physiological normal ranges. Any deviation from these healthy ranges signals a malfunction. Upon detection, we tailor treatments and lifestyle recommendations aimed at helping your body regain normal function.  

Our focus on restoring normal function and addressing deficiencies forms the backbone of our preventive healthcare approach. By identifying and addressing conditions like fatty liver disease or pre-diabetes early, we can prevent the development of full-blown diabetes, offering a robust, effective, and proactive healthcare solution.  

At its core, ‘Functional Medicine’ encapsulates the essence of holistic medical practices. It stands as a beacon of hope for a healthier future where healthcare extends beyond mere disease management to nurturing an environment conducive to optimal health. As practitioners of functional medicine, we at Health+Plus eagerly await guiding you towards balanced health and wellbeing.  

Consider this my personal invitation for you to make an appointment and meet us at Health+Plus. Our devoted team is committed to helping individuals lead their best lives in the most robust state of health possible. Reach us at 816-625-4497 or visit our contact page.