Embracing Autumn: Tips from Health+Plus to Keep You Healthy

Embracing Autumn: Tips from Health+Plus to Keep You Healthy

The air is getting cooler, the scent of burning firewood is in the air, and those vivid hues of amber, rust, and gold are taking over our beloved Missouri trees. Yes, autumn is knocking on our door, and here at Health+Plus we’re eager to ensure that your health remains at its peak during this transitional season.

man standing on pathway between trees
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Gear Up for Flu Season

Flu and fall are, unfortunately, frequent companions. Stay ahead of the curve. One way is to pay close attention to your hygiene habits. Our hands are our primary contact with the world. Ensure they’re clean! While sanitizers are effective, a good wash with soap is your best bet.

Beware the Allergens

While autumn leaves are a treat for the eyes, they’re not always friendly to our noses:

– Stay Updated: Monitor local pollen counts. We’ll also be posting regular updates on our clinic’s social media channels.

– Home Sweet (Clean) Home: Regularly clean and dust your home, invest in good-quality air purifiers, and limit open windows during high pollen times.

Loving Your Skin in the Fall

As the moisture in the air decreases, your skin might feel the pinch:

– Upgrade Your Moisturizers: The lotions that worked in summer may not cut it now. Consider richer creams or ointments.

– Don’t Skip the Sunscreen: Clouds don’t block all UV rays. Ensure your skin is protected even on overcast days.

Keep the Energy Up!

Cooler weather can tempt us to hibernate, but let’s stay active:

– Embrace the Season. From enjoying the colors at the park to participating in local fall-themed runs and events, there’s so much to do!

Nurture Your Mental Health

The diminishing daylight can sometimes cast a shadow on our spirits:

– Community Gatherings: From our annual Fall Festivals to smaller events, stay connected with your community.

– Seek Support: If you or someone you know feels affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or just the changing seasons, reach out. Our team at Health+Plus is here to help.

Savor the Fall Harvest

The earth is generous this time of year:

– Visit the local Farmers’ Market: Stock up on seasonal produce like pumpkins, squash, and apples.

– Warm Meals: Shift from cool summer dishes to warm, nourishing meals. If you need recipe ideas, we’ll be sharing some on our website soon!

Wrapping Up the Season with Health+Plus

As we all wrap ourselves in cozy blankets and look forward to the festivities, let’s also wrap up our health routines. Join us in celebrating autumn with health, wellness, and the warmth of our Health+Plus spirit. Here’s to a wonderful fall season!

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